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Title: Stuck on You
Fandom: Hawaii 5-0
Rating: PG13
Spoilers: none
Prompt: handcuffed/Bound together

Danny still wasn't sure how it had happened.

He and Steve had chased the suspect out into the middle of nowhere, into a part of the rainforest that was so desolate that they'd had to leave the Camaro miles back at the road. Steve had tackled their suspect, and Danny pulled out his cuffs to ensure that the little punk couldn't get away. He'd even clapped one end of the cuffs around his own wrist first, to make sure the guy stayed right beside him.

But then the suspect had somehow twisted out of Steve's grip, and Steve and Danny both tried to grab at him, was almost too embarrassing to admit.

Danny had moved to snag the suspect with the cuffs, only to latch the other end of the cuffs around Steve's wrist.

And somewhere in the struggle they'd lost the keys. Not just dropped them; that would make things far too easy. No, the keys had been flicked off somewhere in the distance during the struggle, completely lost.

Danny stared at the handcuffs in disbelief, and then looked in the direction their suspect had bolted. There was no sign of the man, having been quickly swallowed up by the heavy tree cover.

"You've got to be kidding me," he groaned.

"What just happened, here?" Steve demanded, shaking their joined wrists and rattling the cuffs. He looked just as baffled as Danny felt.

"We're handcuffed together and I lost the keys in the scuffle," Danny told him, and Steve just blinked at him for a moment. "I don't suppose you can pick the lock?" Danny suggested, hopefully.

"Not unless you're wearing bobby pins in your hair," Steve retorted. "I'm not carrying a set of lock picks on me."

"Isn't the SEAL motto 'Be Prepared'?" Danny asked.

"That's the Boy Scouts," Steve corrected him.

"And you expect me to believe that you weren't a Boy Scout?" Danny countered. Steve sighed.

"I was a Boy Scout," he admitted. "But I still don't have any lock picks on me."

Danny scowled at the other man, and then his eyes lit on Steve's handcuffs, clipped to his belt.

"We don't need lock picks," he pointed out. "We can just use your keys."

Steve grinned, reaching into his pocket. Then, he looked in the other pocket, and the back pockets, and then a sheepish look flashed over his face.

"I think I dropped the keys on the floor of the car," he admitted.

"You're kidding me," Danny said, flatly. "Is anything else going to go wrong, this morning?"

He got his answer a couple of seconds later when the skies opened up, nearly drowning them in the downpour. Steve burst out laughing, not even deterred by Danny's icy glare.

"Hey," Steve chuckled, "you did ask."

"Someone up there hates me," Danny muttered, wiping his wet hair out of his eyes. "Okay, well let's start walking."

"You know," Steve commented, as they slogged through the wet foliage, "I would have expected you to be more concerned about the guy who got away."

Danny snorted. "Look around you," he said, gesturing at the trees. "We're literally out in the middle of nowhere. We're so far from the road that even you would have a hard time finding a way back. And Mother Nature is currently trying to drown us. I'll bet you ten bucks that we're going to find this guy huddled under a rock somewhere, waiting for us to save his ass."

"I think I rescued a kitten under those same circumstances, once," Steve mused.

"Kitten would have been cuter," Danny grumbled, and Steve grinned at him.

"And you're really calm about the handcuffs, too," he remarked.

"I'm sorry," Danny said, "would you be happier if I was ranting, right now? Besides, weren't you the one who said that we needed to do some more bonding?"

"So, this is your idea of bonding?" Steve asked, rattling the cuffs, again.

"Exactly," Danny deadpanned. "You caught me; I did it on purpose. Now, let's go find our suspect, so that I can wring his scrawny neck."
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