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Is that Kai Cole's description of her marriage is AWFULLY FUCKING FAMILIAR and I'm going to take a xanax at bedtime tonight because I was ALREADY super fucking edgy and now I'm having great technicolor fucking flashbacks it's AWESOME.

So you know. Maybe don't bring it up with me in ANY WAY other than believing the victim right now, because my overidentification will decide that means you wouldn't/didn't believe ME. And that was honestly the longer term trauma in a lot of respects.

still not dead.

Aug. 9th, 2017 12:33 pm
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I'd say and nor is anyone else except that's untrue, L just got back from a family funeral. So that was MY weekend.

1. The roofers came. ...I did not mention that here. So the central property management office declared that our complex was getting re-roofed, and gave our managers like four days of notice. Five? Something like that, they turned around and sent out a notice to everyone the second they knew. The schedule that their boss cited to us was one building/day and it would be done as of yesterday.

Three guesses and the first two don't count.

About the only saving grace is that they ARE done with my building, now, so I don't have to drop money on a fucking hotel room so I can ever hear myself THINK. But last week was entirely made of hell. And they're nowhere near done with the complex, and there's been a foreman on-site all of one day, and the office managers are to the point where they're so frustrated they drop in and out of professionalism to swear about this clusterfuck on the phone with me. Which. Like. I think I need to make up a basket of fruit and cookies, because WOW REALLY.

I honestly might spend some time over tomorrow/Friday hanging out and asking okay, so this is a thing that happened, can WE go complain to downtown about this bullshit? Will that have enough effect that they'll let you throw a pizza/ice cream party, or reduce rent for a month, or SOMETHING? Because these fuckers have been working until 7 pm most days, too, so it's not like people who actually get to leave got to be free of this, and I shudder to think what the poor shift-workers are going through.

2. I have music stuff/recovery from music stuff from pretty much now through the end of next week, so I'm likely to be pretty scarce around these parts. Email/text will be the most reliable way of getting hold of me. (PMs on here go to my email as well.) I really really hope that getting the Irish knitting class was as good an idea for winding my brain into a more meditative state as I thought it was when I snagged the class.

3. There are... so many logistics I need to work out. SO MANY. Shit. Some for weekend gig, some for next week's classes. Ugh.

4. I rediscovered my ridiculous affection for games like Diner Dash and its ilk, and as a result I'm sort of semi-permanently in AUGH HELP IT ATE MY BRAIN. On the upside, once I use up my lives (because I flat refuse to spend money on the stupid game), I end up having no excuse not to go do stuff while they respawn, which tends to take I dunno, half an hour? An hour? So that's handy.

5. ...I ate 5, because I started typing this before getting lunch and that was dumb of me.

+1 is hoping that my brain chills the fuck out with the OH GOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE IN A NUCLEAR WAR shit, because look brain we know this is possible. There is literally nothing we can do that we are not already doing. Knock it off.
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