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Oct. 18th, 2017 04:31 pm
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*C has a workshop in Milwaukee today and a teleconference meeting with China and Japan branches tomorrow night, so I'm taking advantage of this to pretty much flail around being a spinster for a bit. Tonight that looks like L coming over with tuna steaks and us making food he won't eat. Tomorrow it looks tragically normal (full of rehearsal and lesson), but I'll probably stay out a bit doing PokeGo stuff if I feel the need to wander.

*Surprisingly absolutely nobody, getting the apartment to a reasonable state of cleanliness gives me a minimum of one spoon/day back. Today I used that spoon to take a walk to the park. Then I discovered that with no fucking trees for windbreak, it was NOT NICE even with a hoodie.

*Pursuant to both Jag and [personal profile] alatefeline's nudges, I took Benadryl Monday night. I promptly didn't wake up for 11-12 hours, but the renos downstairs appear to be grinding to a finish and I haven't felt truly Miserable And Awful since I took it, so either it was indeed allergies kicked up by the extra dust or it was the beginnings of a cold and infinite sleep let my immune system beat it up.

*Birthday shenanigans this weekend are sadly not very shenanigan-y, due to overall lack of people who feel like driving to see me. Which is fair! Stupid adulthood. Just, bah, I was hoping for HELP eating my birthday cake this year, since L has absolutely no sense of proportion with birthday cakes. None. At all. And at the rate the day job is eating Jag's FACE I'm not gonna get weaving supplies until... I don't even fucking know, maybe after SAFF. Again: which is fine, understandable, adulthood is a bear, I'm just mildly sad. Next year I go back to my standby of LALALALA I REFUSE TO PLAN NOTHING EVER WORKS OUT so I can't be disappointed. This has been my stance since shortly after college and man if I'd adopted it DURING college I would've had a lot fewer disappointing/upsetting birthdays.

*This is also the season of various half-revelations and epiphanies and I would just like them to stop happening? Nothing particularly NEW, for those I've IMed about them, just oh my god, could we not. I am le tired. They run the gamut from L's comments about me as the dominant personality of the three of us (about half-true, C just doesn't NEED to be an overwhelming force at us, he does enough of that at work) to ... hell, I forgot what the one earlier this week was, I don't think I wrote it down in anyone's chat window either. Dammit. To various strains of coping with the certainty of no, I am disabled, this is my life, I can basically only expect a certain level of improvement unless they agree to zap my brain with magnets sometime soon. Which has been going on in the background since AUGUST and I would like to stop ruminating on it? I just haven't figured out what the ruminants are trying to tell me.

*Very slowly working on bargaining myself into x rows of knitting for every round of Cooking Craze. Not shockingly, I feel BETTER with the knitting. Not that my brain likes admitting that. I am so replacing it with a small shell script, magnets aside.

Signups open

Oct. 16th, 2017 09:54 pm
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Signups are open!

They will close on November 7.

ETA: Autofill is being slow. If a fandom or relationship doesn't show up, please let me know and we can try to bump the cache, but copying and pasting the tags from the tagset will also work. You can add multiple tags at once if they're separated by commas, as per usual.
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*Nearly to the other half of the ribbing on the capelet, so shortly I should be able to start the... third one, and the first with colorwork eek.

*Self that was not a cue to come up with an even more intricate way to do the colorwork EVEN IF you probably could succeed at it, stop that.

*Downstairs neighbor moved out last week HURRAY but now they're doing the carpet/paint/repair rounds so that someone else can move in. On the upside, Dire Noises from below is less "OH GOD THERE'S A LEOPARD IN THE TREE IT'S GONNA EAT ME" than the roofers, and so I can both be calmer for the cat's sake and play guessing games as to just what on earth they could POSSIBLY be drilling in the CEILING. Although given the extent of the noises, I suspect they're doing the full remodel to update the style from the late 80s/early 90s. Which involves ceiling fans and lights going in - quite nice ones! - and would account for the drilling directly beneath my laptop.

*I appear to be having a miserable allergy attack? or an oncoming cold. I'm hoping for the former because fuuuuuck getting sick I don't care if it's a tradition right around my birthday. Hmph. It IS, however, also that time of year where everything gets shut up and my indoor allergies slowly go bonkers.

*Wrote my first Irish tune ever, which does not suck! I... keep seriously underestimating both my knowledge of the genre and my basic grounding in theory, which lets me write something passable off a couple bars of randomly-generated notes. Like sure: not gonna win awards for composition here, but it's fundamentally playable - by more than one instrument, even - and makes musical sense.

*Related: I can now play a full 96 bars in spiccato (that's bow-bouncing) as an exercise, which means the strengthening stuff I was doing to target my bow grip has had EXACTLY the effect I needed it to. Mildly twinge-y for a minute or so right after, but otherwise totally fine after running warm water over my hands and doing quick stretches.

*Maybe this time (as I'm pretty sure this is not the first time I've come up with the brain-hack), the idea of doing dishes after practice as a PART of tending to my assorted musician needs will stick? That'd be nice. Because it really does help to have warm water on my hands after I work my cranky ass off on the fiddle.

*I think I've crawled out of the anhedonia enough to care about shit again. I just don't have the spoons to DO all the shit I care about at once, so I'm having to rigorously pace myself and check back in with, am I too tired to do X? What about Y? etc. This eats exactly as many spoons that I could otherwise use TO do stuff as you fucking think, and I fucking resent it. Not enough to take the hit and go crashing back down, though.

*As it might be up some of my droll's alley for mocking if nothing else: I strongly advise against Mindhunters, the new Netflix how-did-we-learn-to-classify-serial-killers series, if you have any gore squicks/triggers. I was in the perfect mood to watch and mock to folks in chat! And within the first five minutescut for gore ). Now, I'm honestly one of the harder people to make run away from gore? I watch The Last Kingdom for shits and giggles, you guys. I keep thinking about picking up Vikings and not being quite sure if I'm up to that level of gore, as it seems to be up a notch or two from TLK, but the point stands. THAT SAID, that is USUALLY a bridge too far for shows, and they cut away, or they'll have a convenient bit of scenery/blocking to hide the worst of it, or SOMETHING. But no. No definitely not. And I'm not up for the casual ablism of the 1970s or whenever the fuck that was supposed to be, either.

Anyway. SO NOW YOU KNOW. Since Netflix kept going "oh you liked Criminal Minds WATCH THIS WATCH IT WATCH IT" and I kept going "...not for actual FUN, guys."

*I think I am going to hit post and pull silly iPhone games over my head for a bit, then tackle the next bathroom to clean, then dinner and so forth. If I'm very lucky, this will NOT be another death-plague and I can get some editing done tonight for White Noise.

Last bit of cleanup

Oct. 16th, 2017 10:16 am
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OK, just going over the last couple clarifications and cleanup, signups should open in the evening.

still not dead. somehow.

Oct. 14th, 2017 08:31 pm
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*Have more or less scheduled birthday stuff, in the key of "whatever just show up I will make food happen and also the ability to laugh at me/maybe play with the loom/play party games." If more than this happens, yay! If it doesn't, oh thank god I didn't have to plan much.

*Accidentally tickets to Anais Mitchell on Thursday, which was pretty awesome if slightly less full of folklore babble than I hoped. Mostly because she'd already thrown it at the various lit classes, I think. I guess that's a fair place to put it. XD Yes, there were Hadestown songs; no, I did not record because I'm not a monster. I do want her stage presence, though. Damn.

*Am still largely on a news hiatus, although some stuff is creeping in around the edges to the point where I'm pondering getting back in the swing of things, since it's honestly easier to see the news, have a reaction, and then not have to field other people's reactions as they tell me about the news. One or the other at a time! Not both.

*Very, very tired of humanity in general. To the point where my reaction upon L suggesting we maybe meet a coworker after a movie was classic cat-arch-hiss, in spirit if not in substance. This evening has not helped that.

*I have a bunch of stuff I wanted to get done this weekend and right now it looks like I... get to do the emotional labor of going to a movie that's REALLY IMPORTANT to L (and C, to a lesser degree) and have my spoons devoured. And I am tired.
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